Methadone Rehab Program: Helping Opioid Addicts

Methadone is a synthetic opioid, which is medically used to in chronic pain management. It is also used to treat severe opioid addiction. It is important to remember that methadone is not chemically similar to heroin or morphine. However, it does evoke the same the effects as it acts on opioid receptors. This is why if a person is addicted to heroin or an opiate, they should think about entering a methadone rehab program.

Methadone Rehab Maintenance Program

People addicted to heroin benefit the most from entering a methadone rehab treatment program. When administered by a medical professional, methadone maintenance can alleviate cravings for the drug, suppress the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and also block the euphoric effects that opiates tend to cause.

When used in a rehab setting, methadone works to eliminate the euphoria brought by heroin, morphine and other similar drugs. It helps these addicts to reduce and stop use of the drug. Usually, when methadone is administered via an injection, it does not produce the euphoria that occurs with usage of opioids, like morphine. This is primarily due to diffusion of methadone into bodily tissues, namely the fatty tissues. However, since methadone can be addictive, it is necessary to conduct the methadone rehab program under strict supervision.

During the entire treatment and deaddiction program, the patient’s progress is closely monitored and the doctor also checks the drug usage by conducting urinalysis. This provides the therapist with clear information and does not leave room for ambiguities.

When a patient is addicted to multiple drugs, it can be a challenge to wean them off the drugs. However, using carefully supervised methadone treatment can work wonders in significantly reducing drug usage.

Complying with Regulations

Methadone therapy clinics ensure that methadone treatment to combat heroin or opiate addiction is carried out as the existing regulations and norms. When it is done so, the treatment works reduce criminal activities among the addicts and also helps to improve their social life.

If the addict has to undergo abrupt withdrawal of the opiate or heroin, the withdrawal symptoms are drastic and increase the chances of relapse. On the other hand, when methadone is used for maintenance, it offers better results and does not allow severe withdrawal symptoms.

Helping Patients Get Sober

It is necessary to find the right methadone rehab program to ensure the patient reaches the required sobriety levels while also ensuring their wellbeing. This treatment program can be administered as in-patient or out-patient.

In case of the latter, it is necessary that the therapist understands that there is a difference between using the right dosage to aid recovery and psychological addiction. That is why the outpatient treatment has to be adequately supported with the right counselling and ensuring that the methadone dosage level is customized for each patient, taking into account different circumstances and situations in the life. The outpatient treatment is ideal for those who do not require 24-hour supervision and enjoy support at home to help them go through the rehabilitation program.

Counselling is necessary in a methadone rehab program as it allows patients to figure out the cause of their addiction. In the program, there could be several therapies, including:

  • Individual Therapy: This helps the patient understand the reason for using the illicit drug and learning to cope with the triggers so that they do not relapse. The therapy also helps them to stop thinking about relapse by cultivating new interests and hobbies and managing time.
  • Group Therapy: This focuses on group sessions where addicts share and listen to other addicts. It creates a support system that allows addicts to realize that they are not alone to be combating opiate or heroin addiction. There are others just like them who are fighting overcome their addiction. The support from the group is high and helps addicts to a large extent.
  • Family Therapy: An addict looking to kick their drug habit requires emotional support and motivation. If this comes from the family, it can work wonders in the treatment. This is the reason many rehab programs focus on family therapy and include family members of the addict in sessions. It also allows the family to understand the cause of the addiction and work with the patient to overcome it.

The Final Words

The methadone rehab program needs a multi-pronged approach to ensure holistic treatment. Just using methadone to help the addict is not sufficient. It requires a carefully planned and customized treatment plan for each patient to address all areas of the addiction and ensure proper recovery.