Top 4 FAQ about types of elderly care

Top 4 FAQ about types of elderly care

When it comes to elderly care there are quite a few options available which can be confusing. Here we have put together some of the most commonly asked FAQs to help you.

When it comes to the care of our elderly relatives there are so many different options available that it can be somewhat daunting to know what to do for the best. The questions that you have will probably not just be limited to the type of care that you chose for your loved one but will also include things like how you will finance that care as well.

Here are just some of the different types of frequently asked questions about elderly care that might help you when making your decision

What is the difference between a care home and a residential care home?

Possibly the most commonly considered type of elderly care is the care home. A care home is a facility where several older adults live under a roof with staff on hand to assist them with thinonal care, mobility, meals, and taking a day dailyication. Whilst a care home can arrange for a medical professional to visit a resident, they feel may need medical attention they do not offer a specific level of medical expertise. The difference is that the staff in a residential care home will also include medically trained staff and they are equipped to take residents who have specific medical needs such as people who have dementia. Residential care is often referred to as a nursing home.

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is exacpreciselyt it sounds like, someone lives in the elderly person’s home and looks after them. They are there 24/7 with a couple of hours off each day. They help the elderly person to continue with life in their own home but can offer help with any tasks that are becoming difficult. They are also able to make sure that the elderly person gets to any appointments that they might have. This is especially helpful for someone suffering from dementia as it allows them to remain in familiar surroundings.

What is sheltered housing?

Sheltered housing is a good choice for someone who is still mobile and doesn’t need round-the-clock care but would prefer some reassurance that there is someone around who will be keeping an eye open. Sheltered housing is aimed at those elderly people who want to retain a good level of independence but would prefer to be somewhere that is easier to manage. Sheltered housing has communal areas to allow the residents to socialize and a 24-hour emergency help system in place.

What type of elderly care is best for my loved one?

When it comes to choosing the right care for your elderly relative it is important to consider all the factors involved. If they have a medical condition might it get worse meaning that they will require more care at some point in the future? How well would they cope with the change of location – for many people living with dementia this can be a real struggle. You should also ask your loved ones how they feel about the different options so that together you can make the best decision for their future.

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