8 reasons you should have private medical cover

8 reasons you should have private medical cover

These days, awareness is being raised on health and fitness widely. Our health determines the number of years we live, the work we can do, the diseases we can have, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to stay healthy in order to experience a quality life. However, most of us forget to consider what we would do if, by any chance, we fall sick for the long term, or get a prevalent disease. It is, hence, crucial to get private medical insurance.

In this article, you will learn what private medical cover is and why one should choose it over National Health Services (NHS).

Understanding Private Medical Cover

Most residents of the UK are given the right to free healthcare from the National Health Services. However, due to various reasons, you may want to consider getting private medical insurance.

Health insurance or private medical cover is a way to pay all or part of your medical bills when you are treated privately. Due to various reasons, many people have started going for private medical insurance for treatments like no waiting lists, own private room, etc.

Benefits of Private Medical Cover

Like everything else, private medical insurance also has its own benefits. A complement to the NHS, it is chosen due to the range of services that it provides to the patient. If you are not sure if you want to go for such kind of health insurance, then you should consider the following factors:

#1: Access to Private Patient Units of the NHS

Whilst healthcare facilities in the NHS differ widely, the private patient units are first-class. The patients who go to these units get faster access to specialists and treatments, a higher standard of care, and private rooms. People who own private medical insurance are not confined to private hospitals and clinics. Instead, they are considered as a priority even when they go for the facilities that are funded by the government.

#2: Higher Quality of Care

Unlike the facilities of NHS that are generally passable, private ones are better appointed and cleaner. People who get treatments in private hospitals and clinics enjoy benefits like satellite television, less restricted visitation, en suite bathrooms, private rooms, etc. Moreover, these places are typically cleaner, which reduces the chances of infection and other difficulties.

#3: Preferences

People who are dependent on the NHS for medical care have very few options. They are assigned to hospital and specific GP not considering whether the facilities meet their needs or not. Unlike these, private insurance permits people to have a wider range of choices concerning where and when they get health care. If you want to consult another specialist who you think is more knowledgeable about the issues you have with your health, it is covered by health insurance.

#4: More Personalised

Private medical insurance provides people with more customer-friendly and personalised experience. You are most likely to spend less time in waiting rooms, have a specialist team that is assigned to you in case you develop any challenging medical situations, have more time to have a conversation with your physicians.

#5: Less Waiting Time

In the UK, more than a million people are presently waiting for care, which is why the waiting lists are mounting in the nation. Some of these patients are waiting for treatments that their lives rely on and for specialist appointments. Unlike these, people who have private medical cover can get care where it is possible at the earliest and thus diminish or even eliminate waiting times.

The reduction in waiting times also means that your illness would not worsen by the time you go to the hospital, unlike in the case of NHS where wait times result in the worsening of the disease.

#6: Access to the Newest and Best Procedures

It usually takes time for innovative and new testing methods and treatments to be approved and integrated into the facilities of NHS. However, private hospitals and clinics adopt these advances faster and offer them to patients who are privately insured. In case your treatment plan approved by the NHS does not suffice, it is time for you to switch to a more effective treatment plan through private medical insurance.

#7: Tranquillity of Mind

Although NHS healthcare has turned out to be effective for a large number of people, there are noteworthy instances when it has been unsuccessful. In contrast to these, private medical insurance provides the patient with the peace they need. This is achieved by the patient’s knowledge that they are getting the care they require when they need it in a personalised and comfortable setting.

#8: And Many More…

Other than the above-mentioned facilities, the patients also get more benefits as compared to the NHS facilities. These include specialist drugs and treatments, specialist referrals, private rooms, choice of own hospital and doctor, various scans, physiotherapy, etc.


A complement to the National Healthcare Services, private medical insurance provides an individual with all the services they need and even more. With facilities like private rooms and no wait time, the patient is treated the way they are supposed to be when they are ill. Private medical cover not only provides an individual with immediate treatment but also reduces the chances of spreading the disease they are suffering from.

Our health plays a vital role in our lives and it is essential to take care of ourselves. We must eat healthily and follow a workout routine. And, in the case of sickness, we must visit a hospital as soon as possible to get treated in time.