8 Top Tips For Packing A Nursery Effectively

8 Top Tips For Packing A Nursery Effectively

Find out how to pack up your child’s nursery ready for a house move so that it’s done quickly and efficiently

Moving house with a baby or small child is certainly not the least stressful experience going. Moving your child’s room though, doesn’t have to be the most stressful aspect of the process. With our 8 tips below, and plenty of planning, you can ensure the process is as efficient and speedy as possible:

  1. Let Your Child Know What Is Going On

If your child is old enough to understand the moving process it is important to speak about the move with them. Let them process normal emotions like anger, anxiety and sadness, whilst also getting them involved in packing, and helping them see how much fun their new home will be. 

  1. Pack Anything That Isn’t Essential First

From spare baby grows that don’t fit yet, to cute ornaments on the shelves, there is plenty to pack that isn’t necessary or essential in your current day to day life. These items can be placed in temporary cheap self storage to clear space for moving in the meantime. 

  1. Pack Essentials The Night Before

The essential items in the nursery like nappies, baby wipes, formula and favourite toys can be packed the night before the move. You should pack them in easy to access bags that can be easily carried with you in the car. 

  1. Declutter

Decluttering is something that has to be done in every room of the home before a move. It stops you taking items with you that you don’t need, and it can help you raise a bit of extra cash too. Anything you want to save for your next child, or for donating to charity, or giving to a friend, should be put in your low-price self storage unit. 

  1. Be Extremely Mindful Of Hygiene

In current times we are all more aware of bacteria and germs, particularly in relation to babies who are vulnerable to disease and illness. When it comes to moving, the babies things will be more likely to get contaminated by dirt, debris and germs. You can protect the babies things to some degree by wrapping them in plastic, and then wrapping the box in plastic. For extra reassurance though, it makes sense to wash and clean items with antibacterial products when you take them out of their boxes in your new home. 

  1. Disassemble The Cot

The babies cot should be disassembled, along with any other appropriate furniture. It will be easier to move and protect, giving it the best chance of staying in good shape during the move. 

  1. Over-Label

If there is one area you want to ensure labelling is more than adequate it is your babies nursery. You should be able to easily get to anything you need in a hurry and the way to do that is with lots of labelling. Use sticky notes, tape on labels and make inventories if you can. You can’t over-label a child’s nursery. 

  1. Pack Everything In Categories

There should be essential mixed items packed together. However, with everything non-essential it is a good idea to group things in their respective categories. Books, clothes, ornaments, art, toys and soft furnishings will all be safest packed together. Even better, pack them away so they have no room to move around inside their boxes as this reduces their chance of getting damaged. 
The tips above can help you pack your child’s nursery in a way that ensures a quick and efficient process, leaving you more time to prepare for the move itself. If you need more guidance, do speak to your cost-effective self storage facility who will likely be able to recommend a moving company. A moving company will have experience helping families like yours move with more ease and less stress.