Are you curious about weed? Here are some amazing facts

Marijuana or cannabis, colloquially known as weed, herb, and bud is a preparation of the cannabis plant of which grows normally on this planet. They are usually green in color through the shade varies depending upon the strain, growing condition, and other geographical factors. It is one of the well know and most popular drugs available in the market.

The main psychoactive part of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is one of 483 chemical compounds found in the plant. It also has cannabidiol or CBD as the active component that is associated with THC. People often are curious to know about and experience drugs especially the young people. Marijuana in comparison to other hard and soft drugs are less harmful and dangerous to the body. Moreover, there are fewer chances of getting addicted to it and it doesn’t serve as the getaway drug, however, is termed as an exit drug.

Below are some of the amazing facts about cannabis and related products which you might find interesting

  1. Marijuana is less harmful and addictive to alcohol

Alcohol is one of the widely consumed and socially accepted drugs. However, the consumption of alcohol is much harmful to an individual in comparison to marijuana. According to reports, no case of marijuana users has been mentioned where they have physically abused other person or have created any nuisance scenario. Most of the time people high on marijuana are zoned out or enjoy in their happy space.

  1. Marijuana might help cure cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases known in today’s world however with continuous research and study about it has concluded that there is high chances intake of marijuana to destroy the cancer cells.  A scientific study revealed that marijuana could stop the spread or growth of many types of aggressive cancer.

  1. Edible marijuana looks like regular food

There are various ways through which one can consume marijuana and the most long-lasting effect can be experienced when combined with edible. The product mixed with marijuana such as candy, cakes, cookies or brownies looks similar to that of a normal one. It is the amount of marijuana which decides the after effect and one might experience overdose or underdose in case of edibles.

  1. Weed enhances creativity level and makes one happier

For years it has been believed that consumption of weed by a creative person helps improve his or her creativity level. According to the study, with intake of weed when a person gets high their all sense concentrates on a single task and hence results in the improved working. Moreover, the intake of cannabis relaxes and smoothes the muscles while improving the blood circulation level hence resulting in happier and calmer feeling.

  1. There is no case of marijuana overdose

Unlike other drugs, there are fewer chances of getting overdoses while smoking marijuana. Medically, pot smoker worlds theoretically have to smoke around 680 kgs of marijuana within fifteen minutes to die of it which technically is a lot of weed.

Medical cannabis or recreational cannabis, both offer great benefits to the buyer. With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, a number of businesses popped-up and  is one of the widely known online stores which ensures to offer great recreational cannabis product considering the demand and requirement of local people.