Cold and Flu: Staying Healthy During the Holidays

No one wants to sniffle and sneeze their way through the holidays, right? It would ruin the joyous occasion. However, because the holiday season is just around the corner and the weather is getting colder and humid than before, germs and viruses are also at their peak season.

According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu is usually at its peak between December and February, due to the condition of the weather which triggers the germs and viruses in the air. Holiday is about giving joy to those around us and not sickness which would surely limit our activity. So, discover how you can stay healthy during the holidays and prevent having a cold and flu this season.

Why Do Colds and Flu Strike during Holidays?

Ever wondered why colds and flu are on the rise during cold holidays? Well if you are still wondering up to now then let’s break your curiosity now. colds and flu commonly strike during cold holidays due to the cold weather.

Since the viruses enter our bodies through our noses and the cold air cools the nasal passage that slows down the mucus clearance (which is a defense mechanism) the viruses become trapped in the passage which then invades our body.

How to Prevent Cold and Flu?

Since the cold weather is inevitable let’s do something about defending ourselves from cold and flu during the holiday. So, what could you possibly do to prevent yourself or loved one from catching these sicknesses?

Boosting Your Immune System

First of all, you might want to do something about your immune system. Boosting your immune system to fight off foreign entities inside your body is a must since a healthy immune system is the best defense against cold and flu season. So, how will you boost up your immunity?

First off is to avoid stress. Many studies have suggested that stress hampers your ability to stay healthy during the cold and flu season which is why you might want to tone down your stressors and try meditating or any relaxing activities.

The second one is sticking with your bedtime. Sleep does so much inside our body that it repairs everything that is damaged, including barricading our body against germs and viruses, thus it would be wise to have a proper and full sleep at night.

Lastly is to have a healthy and balanced diet, take up many nutrients as much as you can through fruits and vegetables and avoid unnecessary food such as the processed ones. Additionally, take vitamins or supplement to supply your need for vitamins and minerals.

Fight Off Germs

Many people have overlooked the importance of some small yet big of an impact daily defense against germs such as washing your hands. A typical hand washing helps you shield off from the germs that you may acquire through touching objects. Washing your hand before a meal after touching objects or after going to the bathroom is a must, for you to fight off germs present in these areas or things.

Additionally, in fighting off germs, you should also dust-off or clean your space which you always use such as your desk. Desks at the office are a hot spot for germs since they tend to live off at such places. Invest in some disinfectant sprays or wipes for you to clean your space well.

Work Out

Work out your way to a healthy season through exercising. Physical activity has been found that it helps flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways which results in reducing your risk of getting a cold, flu, or other illnesses that you may acquire. Additionally, since exercising causes change in antibodies, your immune system gets boosted up and is able to detect illnesses earlier than they might have before.

Be Prepared for Cold and Flu

Of course, it can’t be helped if you have done everything that you can since there are lots of factors that make you at risk during at the peak of the cold and flu season. So as to help you prevent these illnesses, let’s get you also prepared, shall we? Stock up on the essentials before the storm so that if any in your family gets sick you are prepared.

Nasal sprays, thermometers, cold and flu medications such as decongestion or antihistamine drugs should be of help. Ask advice from your doctor on what to stock up as a preparation. Also, stock up some cold and flu medicine to help you in a financial way.


It wouldn’t be fun if you go to any get-together or party with a runny nose or a sick face with you, right? Which is why it is important for you to take good care of your health so as to enjoy fully the season of giving and joy. Thus, prepare yourself by doing all of the tips written above and read more information about colds and flu and its medication reading books or visiting websites like PharmaQuotes, so that you will be equipped with knowledge just in case you or your loved one catches these sicknesses.