Common Myths related to weight loss (bariatric) surgery

Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery can be a life changing and potentially a life-saving decision. This procedure can help you lose a lot of weight by shrinking the size of your stomach, which helps reduce your food intake. The number of bariatric surgeries being performed in India has been on a consistent rise recently, as more and more people suffering from obesity decide to opt for a healthier lifestyle.

However, a large number of people shy away from bariatric surgery still. While some are wary about the cost of weight loss surgery in India, most are unwilling to consider this line of treatment because of the slew of misconceptions that surround bariatric surgery. That being said, here are a few myths about bariatric surgery that you should ignore:

Myth: You will regain most if not all of the weight you lose

Fact: Though some patients regain their weight in the years following the surgery, it is not the norm. Fact is that after weight loss, a lot of people embrace the life-changing effects, and work towards improving their diet and lifestyle habits.

Myth: Weight loss surgery prevents weight gain in the future

Fact: Bariatric surgery is not a magic solution. If you want to get the full effects of the treatment, you need to adopt lifestyle and diet changes as well to support healthy weight management. The good news is that on seeing the results of the surgery, most people happily make the changes in their diet and lifestyle to maintain their weight and health.

Myth: Weight loss surgery is not covered under medical insurance

Fact: The coverage offered by medical insurance will vary from state to state and company to company. However, a number of companies offer public and private options for covering bariatric surgery in cases where it is considered as ‘medically necessary’. If you are considering this option, it is best to talk to your insurance provider to know more about your options.

If you are considering paying out of pocket, then just know the average cost of bariatric surgery is really not too bad at the end of the day. Look around at different providers and then make your decision based on the price and quality of service they offer.

Myth: You cannot have children after the surgery

Fact: Though it is advisable that you do not get pregnant immediately after the procedure, it is not true that you won’t be able to have children afterwards. You will have to wait for your weight to stabilize first and the surgery will also cause some nutritional imbalances and hormonal changes in the beginning. On average, you should wait for about two years after the surgery before thinking about pregnancy.

Myth: Alcoholism is a common side effect

Fact: Weight loss surgery makes a lot of people become more sensitive to the effects of alcohol, which is in part because of the rapid weight loss; this also means that your previous drinking habits might make you feel more inebriated than before. However, weight loss surgery is in no way directly connected to alcoholism.

Myth: The procedure is a cop-out for people who are too lazy to diet and exercise

Fact: Though it is a popular conception, diet and exercise are not always a weight loss solution for everyone. In fact, for people who are severely obese, long-term and sustained weight loss might only be possible through a weight loss procedure. Diet and exercise have their own benefits, but when it comes to weight loss, they might not be the best solution. A good idea is to consult with a doctor and nutritionist to get a better understanding of your personal situation before you make any decisions.

Myth: The risks of the surgery are more than the risks of obesity

Fact: False! Obesity is a serious disease that is linked to a number of serious health issues that include diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even cancer. Bariatric surgery on the other hand is a very safe procedure, especially with the numerous medical advancements.

While bariatric surgery is a viable option for a number of people, you still need to consider a lot of factors, the cost of weight loss surgery in India being one of them. Fix an appointment with your doctor for consultation regarding your suitability for the procedure and other aspects of the surgery before you come to a decision.