Facts that men merely know about infertility treatments!

Infertility in life comes without any indications or warnings. Regular unprotected intimacy for more than a year then too no result of conceiving is alarm to infertility. Worldwide there is 15% of population who finds difficult to conceive or carry full term pregnancy. In half of the cases, problems of male infertility are reported.

Semen and Sperm: – When orgasm occurs from man’s penis then the milky fluid releases. Semen comprises of both sperm and fluid.  Occurrence of fluid is from sex glands, seminal vesicle and prostate gland. In the testicles of man sperm is produced.

Movement towards egg:-During ejaculation from the penis semen is released. This seminal fluid or semen is great aid for the sperm movement towards the egg.

There are various mind striking reasons of male infertility treatment and numerous factors too could be associated with it, the cause of concerns are as follows:-

  1. Low sperm counts: – Counts less than 15 million indicates a low level of sperms. These problems are seen most often for the couple who face difficulty in conceiving.
  2. Low motility sperm: – If the sperm is not able to swim and can’t reach towards the egg then this condition is known as low sperm motility.
  3. Abnormal sperm: – Unusual shape of sperm makes it difficult to move or fertilize egg.

Irrelevant shape of sperm or movement rapidly is one of the most dreadful reasons that                     decrease the odds of successful pregnancy. In most of the cases it is just a myth that only sperm problem is barrier to successful pregnancy but sometimes it also the semen that can be obstacle. Due to various reasons there could be problems in semen:-

  1. Testicles infections or surgery: – Problems of semen could also be seen in the medical conditions like testicular infections or surgery.
  2. Age factors: – After the age of 40, the infertility in men can be seen.
  3. Stress: – Sexual inactivity or no interest in intimacy is due to stress.
  4. STD infection: – The untreated infection leads to blocked passage of semen or may decrease the sperm motility. Regular tests and monitoring of health from reputed doctors will help to keep these problems away.

Planning a baby is perfect step to take relationships up to the next level. The touch of soft hands and warmth of love is like a blessing of divine. While planning a baby or dealing with the problems of infertility, doctors may suggest to do some drastic changes to your diet, some of them are as follows:-

  1. Fruits and vegetables:- Highest level of Vitamin C is present in fruits and vegetables thus consuming them could reduce the chances of damaged DNA sperms.
  2. Avoid addictive drugs and alcohol: – Both things together could affect sexual intimacy or may even influence sperm counts.  Intake of drugs could even take a toll on semen quality.
  3. Watch on your weight: – If you are too obese then you are likely to face the problems of low sperm count or ejaculations. Regular exercise is must to keep you in shape.

There is no specific time or age where male infertility occurs but without any kind of prolonged waits it is important to consult reputed doctors.  Male infertility is a complex thing but the team of urologists, reproductive endocrinologist and best IVF specialist in Mumbai will help in solving these problems and suggest effective male infertility treatment. Treatments are often suggested on the basis of medical conditions, age factor and real cause of infertility.

Some of the most suggested solutions are as follows:-

  1. Hormonal treatments: – Doctors in these problems will find out every possible way to restore fertility therefore some hormonal treatments or medications will be advised while visiting the clinic.
  2. IVF: – The initial conceptualization is first done in the lab. Eggs at first place are collected from the female partner’s and then are mixed together with sperm. Development of embryos takes place from fertilized eggs. After 3- 5 days these embryos are inserted in the uterus of woman.  Experts of IVF treatment in Mumbai may recommend you to go for donor sperm in the event of low sperm count.

Compared to females, to check on the indications of male infertility is one of the most stacking tasks. According to medical conditions Surgery or other IUI or ICSI treatments could also be suggested. In many cases of ICSI treatments the sperm is directly retrieved from the testicles if the sperm motility is not there. IUI treatment can be done by using donor sperm, in this prepared sperm is directly placed in uterus.

Tests that doctors may prescribe to check male infertility:-

  • Blood Tests (In order to check on the testosterone blood levels and other aspects of hormones).
  • Antisperm antibody test.
  • Genetic tests.