Health Conscious Catering Ideas for Your Next Event

Throwing a party for friends, co-workers, or family should be fun. However, when it comes to catering options, fun doesn’t have to mean unhealthy, decadent foods or uninspired health food options. If you’re trying to throw the best possible event for people in your life while keeping things healthy and inspired, there’s no need for a compromise. Whether or not your guests are interested in diet and fitness trends, there are tons of benefits to using a caterer huntington ny service that specializes in organic, local offerings. If your guests have a ton of dietary restrictions, enjoy vegan options, or simply want to indulge in great cocktails, appetizers, and main dishes with a health-conscious twist, choosing a healthy catering company will help you provide something for everyone’s taste. If you’re looking for healthy catering ideas, here are a few of the best.

Go Light on the Sauces

So many catered events feature thick roues and cream-based sauces. By piling on the fat with heavy toppings and sauces, you’re allowing guests to get full before the main course arrives. On top of that, it doesn’t take more than a few crudites dipped in a heavy cream-based dip before the calories start to add up. If you’re serving appetizers, go easy on the sauces. Take as many opportunities as you can to serve food “naked,” without any sauce or added dressing. Having a fruit plate and a vegetable crudite platter can be a perfect way to get people ready for the main meal without filling up on rich sauces. Keep things interesting by mixing up your selection of fruits and vegetables. Choose interesting, sophisticated crudite choices like endive and radicchio. Don’t go with the average layout of strawberries and pineapple: Mix it up with passionfruit, mango, and starfruit. Keeping things basic doesn’t mean you have to keep it boring.

Use Customizable Salad Stations

What to do when every guest on your list has a different set of dietary restrictions and preferences? Simple: Let them choose. There’s nothing like an open salad station for allowing guests to custom-create a healthy meal with plenty of protein, greens, and unexpected sides. Again, setting up a salad station doesn’t have to mean wilted iceberg lettuce and pale tomatoes. Use a liberal interpretation of “salad” by adding cold noodles, sushi offerings, nuts, and seeds for variety. Use as many raw foods as you can for an extra health kick. If you have a lot of gluten-intolerant guests and vegans, offer alternative meats and cheeses as toppings along with a variety of plant-based noodles (such as “zoodles,” sweet potato curls, and cauliflower rice) so that no one feels like the display is lacking. Remember, the more options you have, the happier your guests will be.

Skewer It Up

Sticking fresh vegetables and meats on a skewer and throwing them over an open flame isn’t just a delicious way to serve up dinner. It’s remarkably easy. Skewers can be customized per guests using a wide selection of vegetables and proteins, and you can encourage everyone to add their own skewer to the same plate (separating between meat and meat-free options, of course.) Barbecued skewers come off the grill fast and make for a quick, delicious appetizer. If you’re looking for something more substantial, think about meat alternatives for the grill, such as eggplant “steaks” or carrot “sausages” for the main course.

Creative Cocktails

Who said cocktails had to be alcohol-based? If you’re throwing an informal event or a mixed-age event, having a thoughtful menu of mocktails will give your party that extra touch of class. Lime juice, sparkling water, and elderflower syrup? Rhubarb syrup with sparkling grape juice? You can find a combination for any taste. When it comes to the hard stuff, opt for lower-calorie options such as vodka and white wine. Even if you’re using a bare minimum of ingredients, you can craft a cocktail list with a ton of inspired options that will leave no one feeling left out.

Fruit-Based Desserts

By the time dessert rolls around, your guests might already be stuffed. However, when it comes to a social event, that never stops anyone from over-indulging with that extra slice of cheesecake. Remove the temptation by offering a fruit platter with a choice of delicate sides such as cobbler, crumble, or even yogurt and granola. You’ll be able to offer your guests a sweet, subtle palate cleanser while keeping things light and refreshing. If you want to go the extra mile, offer guests a chance to build-their-own shortcake using garden-fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream.