How to choose the Best e cigs in the market

People have different reasons why they are shifting to e cigarettes. One reason is to minimize using the usual tobacco cigarette, especially there are countries, where the tobacco cigarette is more expensive and then, buying a very cheap cigarette brand is not really satisfying. Whatever the reason is, they find an e cig as the best alternative. This is also a good way to avoid the bad odor that smokers can get after smoking.

If you are going to check the availability of electronic cigarettes on the market, you will surely find it confusing to buy one. It is indeed difficult to decide what brand to choose and what style or design. It could have been better, if you are going to consider first what you really need. Anyway, you can get more help from the, which is a reliable site for vape or e cig smokers. That would help you in choosing the best e cigarette.

Types of electronic cigarettes

All types or styles of e cigs work the same way. But, they have differences that are very important for you to know, especially if you have plans of shifting to an e-cig. The Cigalikes is one style, which looks like a tobacco cigarette. This one has tiny batteries with a cartomizer, where you can find the heating coil as well as the e-liquid. You will smoke it as if you are smoking a tobacco cigarette.

The other type is the Tank System or the eGo, which is similar to the size of a pen. It has a tank, where the e-liquid, batteries and the replaceable coils are stored. It has a more powerful battery than the cigalikes. With this type, you have to press and then, hold the button to vaporize the e-liquid.

And then, the other type is the Vape or box Mod, which is actually bigger than the cigalike and the tank system. This one works like a tank system, but has more features than a tank system. It also comes in various designs and sizes. It is an ideal type to those who smokes a lot.

Deciding on what product to choose

Now that you already know the different styles of electronic cigarettes, have you decided already what to buy? In my opinion, there are still more to consider. Anyway, how much would you like to spend for this e cig? This is not just like buying a pack of tobacco cigarette. Here, you need to buy the e-cig, the e-liquid, the tank and the charger. It is just like an investment that you need to buy at the beginning, so you have to prepare your budget for this, especially if you have decided to use it for a longer time. But, if you think you will not really like it, then do not commit yourself to spending much on it.

The ease of use is also important here. Cigalikes are actually the easiest and simplest device you can use. You will simply need to screw its cartomizer into its battery. The tank systems need a tank filled with an e-liquid. When your coil passed, you need to replace it. Both the cigalikes and the tank systems are ideal for beginners. Mods are a complicated type of device. It even has a button, where you can adjust the wattage or temperature. Anyway, getting used to it is easy. Just imagine buying a new smartphone, where you will find it difficult at first and manipulating it is easier as soon as you get used to it.

Your smoking habit

There are smokers, who smoke too much while there are also those who smokes very light. If you are a kind of heavy smokers, who can finish a pack of tobacco cigarette a day, then it is ideal for you to choose a tank system or a mod type of e cigarette.

A light smoker may actually choose cigalikes, but they will surely feel contented with a mod or a tank system. But, in my opinion, it is ideal for light smokers to choose a tank system. Sometimes, the amount of your smoking may be affected, especially if you run out of e-liquid or battery. So, make it as a consideration.