How To Stop Using Drugs


According to the statistics around 24 million people are addicted to drugs and other related substances. These addictions not only adversely affect the person but also go ahead and affect his family and social life. Financial, physical and mental conditions begin to deteriorate. You will be surprised to read but only one in ten people seek medical help to get rid of drug addictions. It is a very big issue as it can completely damage the lives of both the patient and his family as well.

Treatment Option

There are two treatment options available for the patients who wish to recover from their drug addiction. Before selecting any treatment option, you need to understand the pros and cons of each option.

  • Outpatient – This treatment is undertaken while the patient is allowed to stay with his family and in his social circle. He can very much fulfill his family responsibilities and other commitments. All he is required to do is to ensure regular medical checkups with his doctors and proper medication as prescribed. This option is cost effective as a patient is not required to access other clinical facilities and amenities. This treatment option requires better self control and stronger will power to overcome the cravings and mood swings.
  • Inpatient – In this treatment option the patient is taken in the clinical facilities for a couple of days ranging from 28 days to 90 days depending upon the requirement of the patient. During this tenure the patient is given extensive care and medical attention along with various counseling sessions and behavior based therapies. Various physical and mental exercise sessions are also conducted to help the patients develop higher self control and stronger will power.

Treatment Process

A drug treatment therapy includes various stages namely intake, detoxification, treatment, education and aftercare. Each of these steps is elaborated below:

  • Intake – The patient is taken to the clinical facility. A brief discussion is undertaken with the patient regarding his addictions, duration of drugs intake, quantity of the dosage and its after effects
  • Detoxification – in the second step the process of detoxification is started so that the patient can come out clean and sober from hid addiction. Social detox and medicine detox are the two detox options. Social detox will include the expert interaction with the patient in order to support him mentally and help him stop the usage of drugs. Medicine detox will include keeping the patient on full medical course and then helping him combat his drug addiction
  • Treatment – In this step the treatment of the patient is taken care of with the help of various medications and various behavioral therapies. Individual counseling and group counseling sessions are also a part of it
  • Education – it is important for the patient to be educated enough to understand the consequences of drug addictions. Proper designed lectures are imparted to the patients in order to educate them to follow a clean and sober lifestyle
  • Aftercare – even once the treatment is completed the patients are required to come for post treatment checkups. They are given counseling session to prevent them from getting to drugs again


The tour lighthouse drug rehab facility will help the drug addicts to give up their addiction for a better life ahead. Medicinal facilities along with various behavioral therapies are given to the patient. A licensed team of medicine experts will be there to support the patients emotionally and psychologically.