Knee Replacement- Few Important Things You Need to Keep in Mind.

Well, the term itself may sound scary but it definitely not! Some people usually get scared when they heard the word ‘operation’. Now, operations do hurt a little or it may compel you to maintain a different schedule but that is quite natural and okay. Technically, knee replacement is a surgical process to replace the weight-bearing bases from the joint of the knee to redeem inability and pain. The entire process is also known as knee arthroplasty. Although the surgery does not have any risks, it completely depends on the doctors and the entire planning. Still, it is to be recommended to consult the best knee replacement surgeon in India for the satisfaction of the patient.

The most general reason for knee replacement is osteoarthritis. More precisely, in case your knee gets injured and damaged to some extent that you cannot really walk or stand and your activity almost gets reduced, then it is necessary to replace. And also before getting into the operation theatre, you need to know a few important things regarding knee replacement. Let’s have a look at these.

Important Facts to Know Regarding Knee Replacement:

  • Why Does Knee Pain Happen?

 There are plenty of reasons behind why knee pain occurs. In some cases, people are suffering from mild pain while for some it is a severe issue. There are generally three causes of knee pain-

  1. Usual wear or tear. This is the most natural cause of why knee pain happened. More precisely, the most common type of arthritis is the osteoarthritis.
  2. Secondly, there is overuse. This happened because of the tendonitis where any of three tendons around your knee have become augmented due to rapid overuse. This is very often associated with the players and runners.
  3. Thirdly, an acute injury can cause you severe pain. These are basically sporting injuries. There are numerous sports that require lots of turning. For instance, netball, football, and skiing. These sports can lead you to a high risk of knee
  • What Are the Types of Knee Replacement?

Well, this varies in terms of your health condition and what your doctor suggests. It can be done within two processes- either a partial one or total. According to many prominent orthopedic surgeons, the knee has been divided into three compartments which are-

  1. Inside part ( known as medial)
  2. The kneecap portion ( known as anterior)
  3. Outside part ( Lateral)

Now, doctors often suggest going for the partial replacement when only one part of the patient’s knee is injured or damaged. But in some cases, most of the replacements are been total. The reason behind this is arthritis is kind of harmful and always tends to affect the knee as a whole.

  • When Do You Consider That Surgery Is Needed?

One thing has to be made crystal clear that surgery is not always the first and only option. Doctors more often prescribe effective medicines and antibiotics along with some routine knee and leg exercise. In case a patient goes through severe knee damage that doctors cannot do anything about but to operate.

In case you are having minimum pain from a long period and your sleep and daily activities are been positively interrupted by this pain, then it is definitely not a matter to avoid. Apart from that, if the knee pain comes with redness, tenderness, significant swelling, fever, considerable pain and mild warmth around the joint, it is high time to make an appointment with an experienced doctor to discuss the treatment policies and diagnosis in details.

On the other hand, if your knee pain has been caused by an injury or acute accident accompanied with intense pain, popping noise, disability to move or use the joint etc, then there is a deep emergency to go for medical attention. After a proper diagnosis if your doctor suggests knee surgery, only then you can go for it.

  • How Much of Time the does Surgery take?

Knee replacement does not take a lot of time. Usually, the surgery itself has been done within 30 minutes to 1 hour. But with patient’s anesthesia and the preparation time of the surgery takes about two or two and a half hour more or less.

  • How Much It Takes to Recover?

This is obvious that you cannot just come back from the hospital and start walking or jumping! The recovery period takes minimum one year. But a patient can recover very fast if they follow and maintain a certain diet and schedule. Your knee will take 5 to 6 weeks to regain activities, heal and reduce swelling. After that, to build muscle strength and endurance power, it will take five more months. And last months are for gaining the same dynamism and strength as before.

In this entire recovery period you need to maintain a strict diet, a healthy life, continue your medicines and exercise a little. The more sincerely you will follow all these, the faster you will recover.

  • Is This Okay to Have a Surgery prior 50’s?

In 70% of the cases, people who are around in the age of 50 to 60 are going for a knee replacement. There is a valid reason behind it. Knee replacement is not as durable as your own knee and it only lasts for 15 to 20 years. Now the thing is if you have a surgery when you were near about 40 and you will have to go through the same surgery after 20years. Although this is completely depended upon the doctor and the critical situation of the patient, his/her disability and pain, but it is not so frequently recommended to have a knee replacement before 50. After all, no one wants to suffer from the same pain twice in their life!

These are some important facts that you need to know and prepare about. Your doctor may give you a lot of alternate information before surgery, depending on your situation. Do not panic much. You will be perfect!