Natural Remedies for Infertility in Men

A baby is the bundle of joy not only for a mother but a father also. Though motherhood has been given immense importance in our culture for years, men are also participating actively in parenting now and their participation starts from getting medical advice and medication if needed to treat infertility in men.

Sperm count is the total sperm present in one sample of semen. When you go for fertility tests, sperm count is one of the major tests that a male has to undergo. Having quality sperm with the right count is very important for reproduction. A healthy male would have 39 million sperm count per sample. And with less than 10 million it is not considered normal. Here are ways by which you could increase your sperm count naturally.

  • Exercise and Enough Sleep: Many research institutes have declared that the more you lose your weight and become fit and have enough sleep, the more improvement would you see in your health. And improved health could see an increase in the total sperm count. Thus when your doctor recommends you ICSI in Bangalore, they ask you to get enough rest as well as a healthy lifestyle.
  • Reducing Stress: When you stress a lot, your body goes into the defensive mode. Thus it is vital that you conserve your energy. The time when you start stressing, your body would be more focused on surviving rather than focusing on biological needs and senses of the body. You need to find the cause of your stress and find the solution to it.

Many specialists and doctors would say that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise could do wonders on the body. If required, your doctor might recommend you anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication so that later they could go for ICSI in Bangalore if nothing works.

  • Stop Smoking: Smoking is known to reduce sperm count consistently. And if you are serious about having a family and lead a healthy life, then it is high time that you quit smoking. 
  • Alcohol and Drugs and Medications: Many studies have found out that excessive drinking plays a major role in lowering your sperm count. Also, doing drugs is very bad not just for your physical and mental health but for your sperm count as well. Sometimes too much medication could cause that too. Some medicines that could slowly reduce the sperm count but would return to normal once you stop taking them are some antibiotics, antipsychotic, anti-androgens, etc.  
  • Intake of Antioxidant-Rich Food: Antioxidants play a huge role in deactivating free radicals, which otherwise would damage the cells. Thus several foods containing mineral and vitamins contain antioxidants. Therefore increasing their intake would ultimately help you and increase your sperm count. Also reducing fat intake would help you as well. Get enough zinc in your food as they assist in increasing your sperm count too.

Try out these natural ways with the help of which you could increase your sperm count and have a happy life.