Singapore tops list of nations achieving UN health-related goals

Each year, the United Nations challenges countries around the world to improve the overall health and wellness of their citizenry.

Outlining a number of goals that they want nations to aspire to, while also providing help and support in an effort to achieve these kinds of goals, the United Nations has been doing this kind of push since the 1980s – and a number of nations have really been able to overhaul the benefits that their citizens enjoy thanks to these kinds of initiatives.

Other nations have taken these goals a lot less seriously, implementing some changes to improve the lives and wellness of their citizenry but really trying to plow their own way to the future as far as health and wellness goals are concerned.

Singapore is not one of those nations.

Ranking number one as far as the amount of progress made from 1990 to 2016, Singapore has been able to dramatically overhaul the amount of benefits provided to the citizens of Singapore (from the government as well as from the health industry in general), becoming one of the most desirable places to live on the planet right now.

It now enjoys and 86.6 score on an index that goes up to 100, a ranking system that has been established by the United Nations to determine just how close countries around the world are to achieving the sustainable development goals that this organization has set forth.

The score of 86.6 scores higher than all of the other nations on the list (188 total countries around the world), and ranks even higher than several Scandinavian nations, Switzerland, and the UK which many thought to be the most developed according to these goals before the UN research paper was released.

The score that has been given to Singapore was calculated after looking at data for more than 33 different health-related indicators. These indicators span across all areas and aspects of the citizenry, including how likely citizens are to contract tuberculosis and malaria, the probability of dying before the age of five, access to clean water and sanitation systems, senior and elderly care level, and a whole host of other factors that contribute directly to the quality of life that citizens in Singapore (and citizens all over the world) enjoy.

The UN has compiled the research over an almost thirty-year block of time and they do not anticipate releasing another report until 2030. At the same time, subgroups within the United Nations have said that they will continue to monitor and track the progress that different nations make towards fulfilling these goals as outlined by the UN, and that frequent updates to this report will be released though they should not be considered “official addendums” to the report itself.

At the end of the day, the people of Singapore can be very proud that they have established a nation serious about the health and wellness of all that live within its borders. Singapore continues to lead the charge!

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