Thanks to Legal Marijuana, Opioid Abuse is Plummeting

For as long as I have known anything about Marijuana, I have heard one repetitive thing and that is that marijuana is considered a gateway drug. This means that if you start using marijuana, no matter how often, it will cause you to use other drugs like heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, etc. There are a lot of people out there who still firmly believe this statement. But new statistics indicate otherwise.

For many years, Marijuana was illegal in every single state in the United States. Recently though, many states like: Hawaii, California, Maine, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts have decided to legalize marijuana usage and for them, they have seen a drop in opioid abuse.

A spokesperson for NugRepublic, a website that specializes in marijuana vaporizers, says, “Statistics don’t lie, and the statistics are starting to make people realize that marijuana is in fact NOT a gateway drug, but instead has many benefits.”

Why is Opioid Abuse Becoming Less Common?

A huge reason individuals get hooked on opioids is because of pain. After car accidents, injuries, medical illness’, cancer, etc people usually get prescriptions for painkillers in order to help them get through the pain and live a normal life. The problem here is that these painkillers can be highly addictive, and the many people using them to get rid of their constant pain are becoming addicted.

Now because marijuana is slowly but surely becoming legalized more and more, people are able to get prescriptions for this drug rather than bigger, far more harmful drugs to help them with their pain. In return, they are pain-free and not becoming dangerously addicted.

Before Marijuana began to become legalized in some places, the most common type of death, at a whopping 75%, was due to opioid painkiller overdose. Since the trickling legalization of Weed that death rate has dropped down to 33% which is a very substantial drop in death. The United States is losing far less people than they were before due to drugs.

With Marijuana becoming legalized people with chronic pain and other health problems that don’t necessarily need medical attention can just go to a dispensary and get what they need. Before this, they would have to go to a doctor or a hospital and sit for hours before being able to explain what is going on and what they need painkillers for. This was severely clogging up hospital emergency rooms, doctors offices, etc causing doctors to become very overworked and have to rush.

Doctors have to see so many patients and many of them are not critical which means they waste so much time every day seeing people who are just begging for relief from their pain rather than dealing with people who really need the help. Dying cancer patients, laboring moms, people who need surgeries, etc are able to receive better care when doctors offices aren’t overbooked. With all of the people looking for painkillers out of the way, doctors can focus much better on the more important patients making sure that they get the proper help and care they need. This way, they are not being sent away in pain or still needing help because their doctors are overworked.

Although there is still a slight social stigma against the legalization of Marijuana, in the long run if everyone were to legalize it, this could be helpful to our nation in a myriad of ways.