The Health Benefits of Vaping Instead of Smoking Cigarettes

There is no debate that smoking analog cigarettes has health consequences. But, there is little doubt that vaping combats those consequences while allowing the consumer to exercise free will to partake in using electronic cigarettes (e cigs).

By definition, vaping is the act of inhaling water vapor into the lungs. While the body enjoys a hit of nicotine, it is minimal compared to that of analog cigarettes. More importantly, scientific research confirms that the risk of cancer is less than 1% that of smoking cigarettes IF the vaporizer is used properly. Vaping can be considered one of the safer and more effective nicotine alternative therapies.

There are a number of reasons to choose e cigarettes over analogs –

  • E cigs use water vapor with minimal nicotine absorbed into the system
  • E cigs assist smokers looking to quit traditional smoking
  • E cigs allow for an easier transition from smoking to not smoking

While there are many reasons people choose to practice vaping, beating addiction to nicotine is only one of them. Vaping can be used as a way to relieve stress. The practice for many may be a source of serenity and relaxation. In other words, vaping could be described as meditative.

One of the issues smokers have with quitting analog cigarettes is the act of placing something in one’s mouth. For a smoker, it is habitual. So the difficulty in quitting smoking involves more than physically cutting off the effect of a chemical to the body that some describe as a buzz, for others a feeling of euphoria.

Quitting smoking is both mental and emotional. It is a change of lifestyle, thought processes and focus. As an example, an e cig allows the consumer to experience the practice of holding the item, and taking a drag without actually ingesting the toxins. Since old habits are “hard to break”, e cigs provide a bridge to quitting smoking. The easier the process, the greater the rate of success to quitting permanently will be. For more information on benefits of e cigs, consumers can go to the Vapor Authority website.

Why use electronic cigarettes –

  • E cigs are a substitute to using analog cigarettes that is not disruptive to the consumer
  • E cigs can be used for grounding and calming with little risk to one’s health
  • E cigs have no effect on others based on independent scientific study
  • E cigs are socially more acceptable
  • Cleanliness – no ash produced, no bad breath, no unpleasant smell
  • More areas allow vaping as opposed to prohibiting smoking

The economics of e cigs –

Traditional smoking produced a booming industry that included health hazards for the customer. While the economics cannot nor should not be overlooked, the electronic cigarette industry provides a much safer substitute for the consumer, and profits for the producer that makes and distributes a product with a clear conscience. It can be said that the use of electronic cigarettes makes economic sense.

  • E cigs are cheaper than analog cigarettes
  • E cigs and vaping have created an industry that strengthens economies
  • E cigs decrease the costs of health care by lowering the rate of cancers related to analog cigarettes

How specifically can electronic cigarettes help the individual quit smoking for good?

For people looking to quit smoking, there is hope. By using electronic cigarettes the consumer may monitor and adjust the level of nicotine received into the system. This practice helps the customer to go at their own pace. In addition, for those people who have been diagnosed with a condition caused by traditional smoking, control over the amount of nicotine entering the body acts as a preventative measure for further damage. Emotionally, the consumer may feel a sense of control over their health and life, as opposed to a life out of control. A main factor of the disease that is perhaps the greatest obstacle to discontinuing the use of any substance is helplessness. E cigs provide a road to recovery!