The joy of curing allergic eyes with the natural & holistic approach of Ayurveda

What is eye allergy?
It is also known as eye conjunctivitis and when it occurs it causes a lot of itchiness, pain in the eyes, makes the eyes watery and also turns it red. Other things that come along with it are watery nose, blocked nose, sneezing, ringing sound in the ears.

How do people catch eye allergy?

There are some particles that are present in the air that can cause allergy in the eyes. Some of the particles that can cause inflammation in the tissues of the eyes are dust, pollution, pollens from the flowers etc.

Did you know nasal and eye allergy occur at the same time most of the times? Do you know why?

Because the membranes of the eyes and nasal are of the same nature therefore when there is some problem with the nasal membrane then the eyes get affected too at the same time and vice versa.

Hence there are more chances that you will catch eye infection too if you are already suffering from nasal allergy.

Symptoms of Eye Allergy

  • Pain in the eyes or burning sensation
  • Watery, red or itchy eyes
  • Having running, blocked nose (Problem in breathing properly)
  • Frequently sneezing
  • Eyes getting sore
  • It also leads to under eye bags or dark circles

The underlying Triggers

  • Soaps, cosmetics, harsh chemicals entering the eyes
  • Presence of chlorine in the swimming pools
  • High pollution or high concentration of chemicals or harmful gases in the air
  • Smoke in the kitchen
  • During the harvesting season wheat husk could trigger allergy and during the paddy season the rice thresh could become one of the reason
  • Pile of very old newspapers, damp clothes
  • Working in dingy places where there is a lot of humidity and places with no sunlight

If you let it go untreated then the worst complication is that eye allergy will lead to damaging the eye by forming ulcer.

Ayurvedic Remedy for Eyes Allergy

You have to take certain precautions and also try a few remedies in order to save yourself from the suffering

  • Several times in a day wash your eyes with clean and cold water
  • Eat rich and fibrous food for boosting your immunity
  • Make sure to eat food that is light and easily digestible
  • Make sure to wear sunglasses or glasses so that allergens do not enter your eyes
  • In case you have any pets at home then make sure that before and after touching them wash your hands properly.
  • Keep the doors and windows
  • Drink tea that has the cooling herbs in it like that fennel, coriander and rose.
  • Treat your eyes by giving it cool compression: Soak a clean cloth in a bowl of water and then cling out the excess water from the cloth and then apply it all over the closed eyes. It will help relieve the puffiness and give relaxation from the itchy eyes.
  • Give compression to your eyes with Chamomile or Calendula for the swollen eyes. As both the ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe the problem of irritated eyes. Remember to use only distilled water for the compression. Boil a cup of distilled water and then put a few dried flowers of chamomile and calendula flowers. Now when you have steeped the solution take it off from the burner and allow the solution to cool for a while. When it cools down take a clean cloth dip it in the solution and apply it over the closed eyelids for over 20 minutes.
  • You can also use turmeric for washing your eyes externally and getting rid of the allergen that might have clinked to you and causing the irritation in the eyes. There is an element curcumin present in turmeric which has many anti-inflammatory effects this will help combat the problem of eye allergy. How to prepare this remedy? Take half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it with a glass of distilled water. While the mixture is still warm, wash your eyes with it. This will clean the eyelids and the outer eyelids and help getting you relief from the infection.
  • Studies have shown that rubbing the oil in slow circular motion with teat tree oil helps in the case of eye allergy.

Ayurvedic Remedies for eye allergy work best for treating the problem and getting rid of all the allergens from the body.