One can only think of something from a movie that a pill can unlock your brain to limitless capabilities but that kind of thought is not a dream, or merely an imagination anymore because it is actually real.

There is a query like do nootropics work in a person to speed up his or her thought processes, boosts the memory and makes them more extra productive than before. This sounds like the ultimate life hack. Introducing nootropic, a drug that is believed to be an effective cognitive-enhancing drug that is highly used by a lot of people around the world.

Primarily, nootropic are drugs that are manufactured as wakefulness promoting drugs used to treat people with sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy but over the past few decades, there were tons of discoveries that nootropic drugs have the ability to enhance someone’s cognitive functions which are very enticing if you are someone who is always tired of going to work or study.

Studies have shown that most of the people that uses nootropic drugs and other cognitive-enhancing drugs and supplements are young professionals and students who seek to become more productive in their regular tasks.

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These pills holds a lot of promise to a lot of people out there, but whether it works is still a huge debate that creates divisiveness. To give you more insight about nootropics, we have chosen one certain type of it to discuss, so hopefully, you will read the entire article.

Introducing the Centrophenoxine, which is also called as Lucidril or Meclofenoxate. This is considered as the grand old dad of nootropic as it was first introduced through studies in 1959 when smart drugs were still a mythical thing during that days. It was developed in the same year and has been widely used to treat people who are suffering from brain disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It was by accident when healthy and normal people started using it to enhance wakefulness which then leveled up to becoming a cognitive-enhancing supplement because of some testimonies that users published publicly that resulted to frenzied interest especially those who are seeking the ultimate life hack.

Centrophenoxine is actually a mixture or a combination of two certain chemicals, dimethyl-aminoethanol or DMAE and Parachlor Phenoxyacetic acid or PCPA. For DMAE, it is usually found naturally to some food particularly seafood and there is also a small amount of it deposited in the brain. This is very rich in choline, which is a stimulant that enhances the brain function.

PCPA meanwhile, is a complete opposite of DMAE. It is used as a synthetic version as a plant growth hormones.

Both these chemicals were used to develop and manufacture Centrophenoxine. If taken, it is easily absorbed in our body, which a portion of this breaks down into DMAE and pCPA down to our liver. DMAE is then converted into choline while the remaining Centrophenoxine will start to circulate in our body.

Centrophenoxine works in our body by increasing the acetylcholine in the brain which serves as a neurotransmitter that is essential for our memories and cognitive function. Centrophenoxine also serves to reduce the lipofuscin which is a waste product that is stored in an accumulative manner to our body. People who use Centrophenoxine experiences wakefulness, sheer focus, and mentally capable of doing tasks with ease.