Ultra Omega Burn Was Great For My 3-Way Dieting Plan

What led to my downfall: I started putting on the pounds because of my egregiously bad eating habits and because I didn’t exercise much. Come to think of it, I was always heavyset; I just kept adding on the pounds through my teenage glory years. In high school, I tried all the then-popular diets, but it always turned into a take-them-off/put-them-back game. I shed the weight for a few weeks, only to cave into my cravings down the road.

My old eating habits were deplorable, consisting mostly of nutrition-empty snacks and fast food. Eventually, I weighed over 400 pounds, just shy of turning 20. It was around that time I decided I needed to change my ways. I began to do more exercising but my dietary habits were still not up to par.

Then I began to take drastic steps in the dieting department. While in college I tried all kinds of get-thin-quick shakes, pills and low-fat, low-calorie meal programs. I just wanted to magically get thin.

Melting point: in Chemistry you learn about this thing called “melting point” of the elements, the temperature at which something just can’t take anymore heat, resulting in a solid being turned into a liquid (or a gas). Well, I reached that “point” and it wasn’t a pretty sight. I felt awful inside, like all my atoms had become disconnected somewhat. I began feeling stomach cramps and abdominal pain, probably from the damage all those diet pills were doing to my kidneys, my liver and digestive system. It was then I decided to focus on being “healthy” and not just magically losing all that extra weight.

I didn’t lose significant amounts of weight until I did three things: a) I started eating nutritiously—you know more vegetables, fruits, lean meats, Omega-3 seafood and whole grains; b) I began exercising regularly; and c) I found just one weight-control-boosting weight loss supplement that had a relatively good reputation (for no dieting substance will ever be perfect, in my opinion), contained mostly, if not completely, natural and comparatively safe ingredients and actually worked—and, let’s face it, you can only find that out from others who’ve tried it or if you try it yourself.

That “one” weight loss boosting supplement I latched on to was Ultra Omega Burn—mostly because I heard about it from friends that had tried it and, not only survived to tell others about it, but actually experienced positive results. Naturally, I had to try it for myself. I gave this stuff the commitment I hadn’t given any other dieting supplement and, lo and behold, I began to see wonderful changes in my life. I think that’s partly due to the scientific research that this supplement was based on. Omega-7 has been proven, after all, to be a good kind of fat that our bodies need. I was already eating Omega-3 foods, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add on something that gave me even more good fat.

A good ending: Well, let’s just say, like in a fairy tale, “everyone lived happily ever after.” I am now at about 184 pounds—that’s excellent, considering what I weighed before and the fact that I’m tall. I don’t just look better, I feel better. I would recommend Ultra Omega Burn, but attribute my success to my not-a-secret-by-now 4-way plan.

Old friends that run into me now see how much I’ve changed. I don’t just look better, I feel better. To those people who are losing hope out there I say: “You too can get back on track but it will probably take more resolve, commitment, and, most important of all, a multi-part plan that may sound too good to be true but, as someone who’s actually tried it successfully can say, IT ACTUALLY CAN WORK!”