Unleash the happiness of life with these Infertility treatments!

Infertility is just like a comma to life but can never be a full stop if you stay strong. Don’t let your dreams fade away with such problems. It is noted that 15% of population worldwide have to go through infertility phase. The occurrence of infertility could be in either male or female.

How to tackle issue of female partner producing poor quality of eggs?

When poor quality of eggs is produced in female body then the chances of successful pregnancy and achieving a healthy baby is like a task. Better solution for this problem is to consult doctor. Taking help of donor eggs is productive solution for couple willing to have a baby.

Creating a life with donor egg treatment is done with the simple and step wise methods. At first IVF specialist in Mumbai retrieves eggs from the young and healthy donor. Then in the next stage the egg and sperm is mixed in the laboratory. It may take few days to fertilize egg through which embryo will be formed. The good quality of embryos is later transferred into uterus.

How does the process of Donor Egg IVF works?

Taking the decision should be of both male and female. When going for IVF journey or any other infertility treatments share your concerns with the doctors. This step will clear the air of confusions. The process begins after taking approval and completing medical questionnaire of both parents. Fertility history and choice of donor will also be required.  

IVF Procedure

If required then doctors may ask you to go for some more tests and scans. The preparation in certain cases may involve taking the injection for closing done ovaries. This is taken a month before donor egg IVF transfer. Doctors will suggest taking stimulation drugs as a part of protocol. Additional medication will be provided once you reach at clinic. The sperm sample will be mixed with donor’s eggs on the retrieval day of egg. After the course of five days, your IVF transfer will be done.

Why ICSI treatment is used in IVF?

ICSI treatments are generally used when the female partner is fertile but the male partner has problems with sperm. When all other attempts of normal IVF fail, the doctors may suggest going for ICSI treatment for patients who have severe male infertility issue.

Who can get success through ICSI treatment?

Using ICSI treatment reduces the risk of fertility failures.  In medical terms it is also referred as Intracystosplasmic sperm injection. It comprises of one single procedure where the good quality of sperm is directly injected into fertilized egg through the combination with IVF procedures. If the sperm directly can’t be formed then through the process of testicle or testicular tissue biopsy, the sperm is extracted.

Male patient having problems of low sperm count, absence of sperm due to blockage, issues with sperm motility, sperm binding and sperm shape being abnormal or repeated history of standard IVF failures can possibly go for these treatments. These treatments are safe.

All you got to know about IUI treatment?

The procedure begins when the concentrate sperm motile is directly inserted in the uterus of woman. Usually the execution of this process is done during the period of woman’s ovulation. Doctors may perform the procedure for maximum two times or minimum one time with quick effect after detection of woman’s ovulation. Once the ovulation is done, the egg gets picked by fallopian tube and waits for sperm. Through the method of IUI procedures only a good quality of sperm with higher concentration is deposited where egg is waiting, the chances of meeting egg and sperm increase and same time conceiving too. Infertility treatment in Mumbai is now easy and affordable. Without hesitating on things do approach reputed doctors and regain the powers of fertility.