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In this day and age, we all wish we would could be a healthier and more fit. Well, you don’t have to wish for it, you can make it happen. Maybe you feel like you don’t have the time or money to make that dream come true, but you can take small steps to make that dream a reality every day.

When shopping for groceries, try to avoid processed foods. These convenience foods are quick, easy, and cheap, but cooking your own meals from scratch will be the real money saver, and it’s better for you. You also want to plan meals BEFORE you go shopping. Making each purchase part of a predetermined meal will focus your shopping leading to fewer frivolous purchases, as well as less waste.

Many of us feel as though we don’t have time to make it to the gym every day, or even every week. But, the beauty of exercise is that you don’t NEED to go the gym to stay in shape. The gym’s true selling point is convenience, and you’re paying extra for that convenience, so working out at home can save you money, too. Instead of lifting weights, find items around your home of your desired weight, or close to it, and adjust the length of the session accordingly. Don’t lament the lack of a treadmill, just go for a walk. Not only is walking around your neighborhood cheaper than a treadmill, but it’s also good for your brain. The change in scenery stimulates the mind and boost creativity.

One factor of our overall health that is sadly overlooked in society is mental health. There are a number of ways in which mental health affects physical health, so your quality of life directly impacts your health. When you’re feeling stressed, use free time to relax as much as possible, and maybe treat yourself to fun night out occasionally. Another way to stay on top of your mental health is to stay on top of your finances. Letting bills go unpaid can cause unnecessary anxiety, so make sure to keep up with expenses. can make paying the bills less stressful, too, so there’s no need to worry excessively and degrade your overall health.