The growing market for male cosmetic surgery: 3 popular procedures in 2019 

Cosmetic surgery is constantly growing with more men seeking to either enhance or maintain their appearance. We are no longer at the time when cosmetic surgery was reserved for the ladies, men have accepted it, it could be as a result of the general acceptance of cosmetic surgery in the society or the knowledge that procedures exist that are minimally intrusive. Here is a list of some of the top cosmetic procedures for men.

Male Breast Reduction
Enlarged male breasts are also known as Gynecomastia is known to affect approximately half of the male population. It affects men of all ages and is especially more prominent if the man has weight issues. Losing weight can, therefore, improve the outlook of the gynecomastia, however, the excess skin still remains even after the work out sessions and you have lost the weight. This has brought the need for men to undergo a breast reduction procedure. The procedure is reported to be safe and effective with men who have undergone it reporting to have gained more confidence and feeling more comfortable with their appearance.

Penis Enlargement Surgery
For a long time, men have looked to make their penis an inch or two larger, mostly with little or no success. Men mainly consider penis enlargement procedure when they believe that a bigger penis will improve their attractiveness and confidence. Penis enlargement surgery will increase your penis’ length and width through surgery. The procedure uses fat from another body part which is then added to the penis tissue thus enlarging the penis.
Fat is first extracted and purified; you will need about two days to recover from it. However, the procedure is painless and takes approximately two hours gifting you with a larger penis that further brings a ton of benefits including a boost at your self-esteem and others. After the procedure, you are required to abstain from sexual activities for a fortnight.

Trimming the waistline is a common desire among men who hit the gym, unfortunately, it does not always work for everyone factors such as age and genetics come in play. Liposuction is a great alternative to assist men to lose their belly and achieve that toned figure they desire. Liposuction is a procedure aimed at reshaping the contours of the body, where fat is suctioned out of the specific area, mostly the area that is not responding to diet and exercise.

More benefits are realized with candidates nearing their ideal weight and still have de-localized deposits of fats. It is important to note that liposuction is not an alternative for exercise but rather should complement the workout. Having realistic expectations during the procedure can also be very helpful.

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