Which Garcinia Supplement Is Best For Weight Loss?

One of the greatest debates today is which way is the most effective way to lose weight and yield results in a shorter time with less effort.

Losing weight can be a times frustrating as the effects do not show up quickly for us who have tried natural ways to drop some pounds. No matter the method used, the biggest question is after how long I will start seeing results.

Natural Remedy

The journey toward weight loss sometimes have to involve a shift in the dieting and also include supplements like those from Garcinia cambogia reviews which is an extract of a plant that mainly grows in Asia , Australia and some parts of America.

Garcinia Cambogia is a supplement of Garcinia that has been used since the 20th century for weight loss. It comes in different forms like pills capsules or in liquid form.

How To Use Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a supplement that has worked miracles as it inhibits the body from producing new extra fat. This way, it makes the body burn fat.

It also enables the body to release serotonin that induces sleep and suppresses appetite hence reduces the amount of food intake consumed by an individual. It can also be used before workouts to increase the metabolism.


Garcinia Cambogia is a supplement fruit extract that contains hydroxycitric acid or popularly known as HCA. HCA is the main ingredient though traces of caffeine are present in other types of plants depending on their origin.

Others could also contain potassium which helps the body in balancing the electrolyte in body cells to improve muscle function.


There are different types of Garcinia Cambogia in the market but the best brands are those approved by the FDA.

Also, ensure the label indicates Garcinia Cambogia and not traces. Garcinia extract can be easily purchased from the comfort of your home by placing an order on reputable websites such as Amazon as well as other drug stores or even pharmacies.

Side Effects

Often, people lean towards natural remedies when it comes to product usability percentile but a product being 100% natural does not mean it is safe. People with liver diseases are advised not to take Garcinia Cambogia as a drug as they could experience certain side effects.

Common side effects are stomach discomfort and nausea. Also, people suffering from bipolar disorder are not advised take the supplement as it affects the mania. Expectant and lactating mothers too are included in this list.


There is no definite scientific dosage level for this drug as the fat levels differ from person to person. However, the average dosage is three times a day. That means if one pill is 500mg then you should not exceed 1500 mg per day.

However, the higher the amount of weight you wish to lose, the higher the dosage. However, always seek professional advice before using higher doses.


People tend to use Garcinia Cambogia for other purposes than the intended use of weight loss. Some of these other uses include relieving joint pains, relieving bowels, deworming, or treating dysentery or severe diarrhea.

Though this might have worked for some people, doctors recommend that the drug is not proposed to cure or prevent any form of illness


Users have noticed impressive improvements in weight loss of up to 50 pounds for a period of less than 9 months. Even better, no special dieting or starvation was needed. You only have to take it 15 minutes before meals or an hour before working out.