5 Advantages of Using an Online Marijuana Delivery Service in California

5 Advantages of Using an Online Marijuana Delivery Service in California

The world of ecommerce is booming. Everything you may want or need is already available online, whether it’s the latest pair of “hype” sneakers or organic fruits and veggies. It’s no surprise, therefore, that you can now also find marijuana delivery services online to cater to your needs as a cannabiseur in California.

Compared to traditional dispensaries, these online marijuana delivery services offer unique benefits that make them a more attractive option. What are these benefits, you might ask? Read on below to find out and see if you agree!


This is perhaps the most obvious advantage of using an online marijuana delivery service: you can purchase your cannabis wherever you may be in California and have it delivered to your preferred location. You also don’t have to wait for traditional store hours before you can place an order, and additionally, you don’t have to rush if you’re running late. Just visit the marijuana delivery service website, check out with the items you want, and wait for the package to arrive. Best of all, there’s no need to fall in line. You can browse for as long as you want—even do a little bit of research—before you make your final decision. You don’t have to worry about someone you know bumping into you (let’s face it: the stigma is still there) or holding up other customers who are also anxious to buy their own cannabis.

Caters to the Disabled and Elderly

For patients who have mobility difficulties and can’t travel (and who may not have caregivers to purchase their medical marijuana for them), a delivery service is a lifesaver. To put it into perspective, only about 30% of municipalities in California have enforced ordinances surrounding cannabis. This means that the closest dispensary with all the proper licenses could still be 100 miles away or more. What’s great about a marijuana delivery service is that not only can they bring you your cannabis in a timely manner, they also provide patients with mobility issues a safe and easy solution for acquiring their cannabis.


Even with all of the scientific and anecdotal evidence of its medical benefits, marijuana still carries a lot of social stigma. It’s going to take a while to shake this off completely, which means that there are still a lot of cannabis users out there who want to keep things under wraps. On top of this, there is also a big number of people who use medical marijuana to relieve their anxiety. The more privately they can buy their marijuana, the better. This is a huge benefit of an online marijuana delivery service compared to a usual dispensary. With the ability to order anywhere in the state, a marijuana delivery service is indeed definitely more private. There’s no need to rush, too, so you can read up on product reviews, do a bit of research, and even consult your doctor before ordering. The products are also typically delivered in discreet packaging, so you don’t have to worry about prying eyes.


Traditional brick-and-mortar dispensaries, like any other retail store, usually have higher operating costs. To recoup this, they usually pass on a small percentage of these expenses to the consumers by increasing their prices. With an online shop, operating expenses aren’t as high.. Therefore, getting your marijuana from an online service will most likely be cheaper. Coupled with the other benefits already mentioned, you’re guaranteed to get more value for your money when you buy from an online delivery service.


Getting your marijuana from an online delivery service gives you more flexibility. You can order at any time and you can have your purchase delivered to your home in California, as long as you are covered by store’s service area . Depending on the company, you can even receive your order within an hour. In short, you have more control and flexibility when you have access to a reliable supplier of quality cannabis and marijuana products. Needless to say, this can bring you more peace of mind.

Marijuana continues to be a hot topic all across the U.S., but most especially in California, where it’s legal. Luckily, proposals and changes in legislation continue to be made elsewhere, and that can hopefully make marijuana delivery services more accessible to more people throughout the country.