Views on the use of cocaine recreationally

Cocaine Detox Guide and Breaking the Addiction

Views on the use of cocaine recreationally as a safe drug of choice for those that felt other drugs held messy addiction risks have proven to be foolish. Unfortunately, it is widely known at this point that the consistent use of cocaine is highly addictive to the body and mind. Detox is the best solution for getting free of this drug.

The Stimulating History of Cocaine

Cocaine is derived from the leaves of the South American Coca plant. It came into wide use in the early 1900’s in tonics before it was known to be a highly addictive substance. It was later declared a schedule II drug due to the known addictive nature and only used by doctors to kill pain during after surgery. It is rarely used in the medical field at this point and is more prominent in the illegal drug trade.

Primary Draw to Cocaine

Cocaine works as a stimulant. You tend to feel more energetic and alert after use. It increases breathing and heart rates, mental acuity reduces appetite and offers a temporary euphoric feeling. Cocaine has been used for more than 100 years to combat depression, fatigue, and to assist in losing unwanted pounds. It is difficult to tell if someone has taken cocaine. There are rarely any strange behaviors that occur unless there is an accidental overdose.

Myth and Cocaine Addiction

It has been and continues to be a myth today that cocaine in non-addictive. What brings people to this conclusion is the variance in withdrawal symptoms of cocaine against almost any other sort of relevant drug. Withdrawal from methamphetamines and heroin can be quick and severe. It can be practically impossible to detect the start of withdrawal with cocaine use. Although the symptoms can be more subtle, the individual addicted can express quickly and fervently that withdrawal is uncomfortable. The need for and benefits of a safe detox help minimize the impact withdrawal can have.

Symptoms of Cocaine Overdose

The symptoms of ingesting too much cocaine are more noticeable than withdrawals from stopping use. Overdosing on cocaine can cause serious health problems, or prove lethal in some cases. A few signs that you may have taken too much cocaine is profuse sweating, cold, clammy skin, elevated breathing and heart rate, uneven pulse, dizziness, fainting, loss of consciousness, or cardiac arrest. You should immediately seek medical assistance in cases of a cocaine overdose. Delaying treatment can prove fatal. The symptoms of a mild overdose can be as slight as feeling jittery, elevated heart rate, and nausea.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Cocaine

The withdrawal symptoms of cocaine can be severe if the amounts used are high and long-term. High levels of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, agitation, anger, paranoia, nausea, dizziness, fainting, sleeplessness, restless feelings, fatigue, serious lack of energy, and nightmares are the primary symptoms associated with cocaine withdrawal. One of the biggest complaints of most that detox from cocaine is the serious lack of power they feel when tackling their day. Cocaine users are familiar with having all sorts of extra energy reserves to draw from, and when these are gone, they report feeling empty, tired, and depressed.

Detox and Improving Health

The process of entering a drug rehab and allowing professionals to help you detox from cocaine is one of the better decisions you can make to improve your health. All of the valuable vitamins and minerals stripped away from constant cocaine use slowly get replenished. Your nervous system gets a break from the continual dopamine rush. Each day drug-free brings your health up a notch in quality. You cannot help but notice an increase in appetite and improved sleeping patterns over the course of time. Long-term treatment is sometimes required when the addiction has been severe and ongoing for many years. It will take extra time to bring your body back to good health.

Freedom from Cocaine Addiction

Although your body will crave the dopamine rush for a while, eventually your body will settle into a normal routine that includes deep, rich sleep, healthy appetite, and a stable nervous system. You will not have to worry about pounding heartbeats and a racing pulse. Thoughts of having an unexpected heart attack will begin to fade. Getting free from the addiction to cocaine will add years to your life.

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